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Nicole Kidman

Even now after her countless movies and continuous spot light with the media Nicole Kidman’s lively attitude towards life is still forever present. The best example of this was when in 1995 in the Entertainment Weekly she stated “We don’t feel comfortable discussing what we do in bed at midnight—even though it is pretty damn good.” when she was confronted about Tom and her self’s love life.
At the young age of seventeen, the Australian public voted her the Best Actress of the year, and she received several other awards for her critically acclaimed performance, which brought her into the international stage, captivating film-makers from around the world. Batman Forever, though not her best performance, still probably stands out as her first ‘mega-movie’ and was only a stepping stone for the many more movies that followed. Nicole has two children, Conor and Isabella whose father is Tom Cruise. She is no longer with Tom Cruise, and has recently been in the news for her relationship with troubled country singer Keith Urban.

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